Jaideep Bains

Principal Investigator

As the Principal Investigator of the Stressynomics lab, I am interested in how neural circuits respond and adapt to stress. I obtained my Ph.D. at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. I was a Human Frontiers Science Program Fellow at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver. For the past two decades, my lab has used an array of approaches to understand questions related to hypothalamic physiology and plasticity. We have become increasingly interested in microcircuit changes that occur following a single or multiple stress challenges. To address these questions, we rely on in vitro and in vivo approaches that combine electrophysiology, optogenetics, imaging and behaviour. Our goal is to understand the flexibility, at the synaptic level, that is built into stress circuitry and utilize this information to uncover the underpinnings of stress-related disorders.

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Research funding:
Canadian Institutes for Health Research
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

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