Mijail Rojas-Carvajal

PhD Candidate

Mijail is a PhD Candidate currently funded by the Cumming School of Medicine Scholarship. Mijail completed his undergrad studies in Psychology at the University of Costa Rica. He completed his M.Sc. in Cognitive Science where he trained under Dr. Juan C. Brenes and Dr. Andrey Sequeira-Cordero from the University of Costa Rica’s Neuroscience Research Center and the Instituted for Health Research. Mijail worked as a junior researcher at the Neuroscience Research Center and the Institute for Psychological Research in Costa Rica where he explored the effect of early-life experiences on defensive and non-defensive behaviour in rats, as well as the biological role of self-grooming on emotional regulation. Currently, Mijail studies the role of CRHPVN neurons in the fast regulation of defensive and non-defensive stress responses where he analyzes the involvement of self-grooming as a behavioural mechanism to promote emotional de-arousal following stress

Check out a full list of Mijail’s publications here.

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